Network Packet Brokers

Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) can be easily understood by their name itself. They “broker” any inward network traffic to any number of securities, application performance monitoring, or network forensic tools.

The need to “broker” packets before they are sent to tools comes from two major driving forces. Firstly, the throughput of tools is limited, and secondly, every tool requires a different subset of traffic to maximise performance.

A next-generation Network Packet Broker takes things further, ensuring that the right traffic is sent to the right inline and out-of-band prevention tools. Whether a network setup is on-premises, virtual or in the cloud, an intelligent Network Packet Broker provides the perfect visibility foundation.

NPBs are designed to deliver only the traffic of interest required by any specific tool. NPBs achieve this by using a variety of filtering options. NPBs act as the man-in-the-middle between TAP/SPAN ports and the tool itself.

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