Network Optimization

Network Optimization is crucial because our interconnected real-time world is completely dependent on the reliable, secure, available, 24/7 transfer of data. Year after year, the demand placed on networks to perform is only growing since our world is undeniably data-driven.

Overall, the best way to perform Network Optimization is to simply have a thorough, real-time understanding of network activity. Knowing an issue is occurring is just the first step in being aware of the issue — how it occurred, how it can be mitigated, and whether it could happen again is crucial for network performance optimization.

When network path latency occurs, applications can experience downtime and adversely affect end-users on the network. To mitigate these bottlenecks, Network Optimization can help users measure network latency at the packet level. There are several techniques like calculating the uptime of client sessions with an application server using a Three-Way Handshake (TCP Handshake).

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