It is important to have a robust cybersecurity posture to save your organisation from the menace of cyber-attacks and give your top management a piece of mind. SIEM and SOAR play a crucial role in a company’s multi-layer cybersecurity infrastructure that is usually supported by various information security tools and techniques such as IPS, IDS, cryptography, firewalls, authentication systems etc. SOAR has a crucial role in achieving the overall security endeavours of any organisation.

Evolving cybercriminals and severity of cyber threats is supported by a worse enemy that is the shortage of IT security personnel in the market. But SOAR could be key to helping companies of all sizes by improving their ability to automatically detect and respond to cybersecurity threats by minimising the role of humans

In addition, SOAR also responds automatically to thousands of alerts and perform both reactive and proactive approaches to pursue cyber threats effectively.

Use the SOAR model to:

  • To explore new initiatives
  • To develop a strategic plan during annual strategy reviews
  • To focus and redirect efforts and resources
  • As part of a leadership development program
  • To plan an individual’s career or develop their performance plan

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