Dark Web Intelligence

The Internet that we know of, indexed in Google, known websites and through Social Media ….etc reflects a very low percentage of the real size of the Internet in whole. There is also the Deep web and the Dark Web. While the Deep web contains some private information, the Dark web/Darknet contains forums, websites and marketplaces that are unknown to the normal user and requires specific tools and knowledge to be able to navigate and access. Dark Web is where a lot of shady things happen due to the nature of these environments. There are a lot of illegal activities and trade happening in the dark web, like cyber-crime, hacktivism, drugs distribution, terrorism and much more. Cybercriminals make use of this space to build proprietary malware, engage in illicit trade, and exploit the vulnerabilities of public and commercial organizations. But, with special intelligence, you can develop actionable insights and counter these threats.

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