Network Monitoring & Management

As we move closer to business models where organisations’ overall business functionality, efficiency, and security are progressively more reliant on the network infrastructure, the importance of a tool to keep the network’s health and performance in check becomes paramount. A network failure or outage, now more than ever, can have severe consequences for businesses as it affects both the day-to-day internal operations and the external functions like websites and sales.

A professional NMS can be well worth the investment, keeping in view the damage that comes with a network outage or momentary downtime.

NMS should help ensure that the digital infrastructure functions smoothly by providing network administrators with immediate and actionable information to manage the several individual components of a network. A proficient NMS should provide monitoring and management options for both software and hardware components in a network.

Listed below are the four core functionalities expected from a profitable NMS:

  • Performance Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Network Configuration and Change Management
  • Analysing Network Flows

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