Integrated Endpoint Security

Today’s endpoint protection systems are designed to quickly detect, analyse, block, and contain attacks in progress. However, to achieve this, an integrated approach supporting other security technologies gives administrators visibility into advanced threats, quick detection and remediate response times.
Integrated Endpoint Security delivers a comprehensive security operations solution that defends against advanced threats targeting your organisation, without stretching your resources. A multi-layered approach that combines a full stack of powerful protection, detection, and response technologies in one tightly integrated solution.

Legacy AV built on the decades-old method of signatures, IOC, feed, or bad reputation is not enough to stop targeted attacks. Organisations across the world need a solution which is built on a strong and granular technique-focused framework like MITRE ATTC&K and machine learning to combat the sophisticated attacks. With the adoption of cloud-based applications and work from home concept, organisations perimeter boundary is diluting. To protect the company’s assets and information outside its perimeter or in a very isolated environment, solutions should not have large dependency on frequent updates but rather should be autonomous to protect against any type of attacks.

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