Application Intelligence

Application Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge from insights such as application performance monitoring, end-to-end timing, application health score, and real-time traffic logs. It also provides extensive visibility into the highly convoluted applications at the core of Digital Transformation.

Most of the businesses are expediting their journey of Digital Transformation and some have just started evolving, which is leading to an incremental shift in highly distributed and nimble applications. This is one of the challenges which are triggered by information tech teams since coping in these areas and maintaining the security and performance has become quintessential.

Application Intelligence Solutions offers competence to identify the correct flow of application data, and they also recognise and reject traffic that might indicate a threat to the application or its host system.

Application Intelligence also delivers and administers application layer security. Solutions with such capabilities can secure applications from malicious attacks while ensuring application performance. By implementing granular security policies, it keeps web applications and confidential information safe from accidental and targeted application security attacks.

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