The Middle East is a region where we see a lot of targeted attacks which led the governments and the companies to invest heavily in security controls throughout the years. They have now reached a maturity level enabling them to be fully aware not only on their threat landscape but also on their security posture. What they need is now to overcome the challenges of very high turnover and the lack of skilled security resources not only in the region but also in the world.

A combination of solutions can give access to new capabilities allowing enterprises to overcome these challenges:

  1. Holistic and signatureless Endpoint Detection using machine learning capabilities which maps the alerts to attack techniques, eliminating the need to hire highly skilled analysts.
  2. Collect all the data, structured or unstructured, from any data source, be it a network, application, mobile, web, etc., and make it available for different use cases in a natively high availability architecture.
  3. From a security perspective, having access to the data lake eliminates all the blind spots and enables your threat hunting team with the better ground to start their tasks. They can then apply analytics as well as UEBA to correlate, alert and hunt in real-time and across all the date for the insider threat.
  4. The solution will give them access to a threat hunting tool that provides visualisation and Natural Language Search Engine as well as a mapping to the tactics and techniques to help your analysts mature and hone their skills.
  5. Once the alert is escalated to an incident, the solution will then enable a Security Orchestration Automation and Response Platform where all the alerts and incidents are enriched and mapped to the same MITRE Framework which keeps a coherent understanding and reporting throughout the investigation and response process.
  6. All the playbooks are codeless and intent-based where the analysts can see the Artifacts in the fold and respond at any time during the kill chain as planned and in an automated way in one click.

It is all about understanding the hacker’s techniques and getting the most of your data with accuracy speed to enable you to take your decision or plan it in advance in a way that reduces the threat impact on your business and doing so with a few resources with basic skills that will mature with using our platforms.

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