Threat Intelligence Management

The Middle East is and will always be a highly targeted and highly coveted region. The number of targeted cyber-attacks in the region is increasing day by day amidst the massive increase of cyber-threats worldwide. Cyber Security teams have always taken the more defensive approach, which is normal, but with the increase and complexity of the cyber-attacks, the question is always “What are we defending against?”

To answer this question, Cyber Threat Intelligence as processes and solutions have evolved over the last decade massively. The short and direct definition of Threat Intelligence is “Actionable Knowledge of Threats”.

To achieve this, we advise our customers and provide them with solutions that cover the creating and maturing of their Threat Intelligence process as follows:

  1. Fused and refined Threat Intelligence feeds that ensure that our customers have a much wider and more comprehensive view rather than depending on one single source of feeds. Our sources are chosen carefully to ensure the results are up to the level required while ensuring that these sources are maintained and can be adjusted based on quality.
  2. Wide-ranging services for the coverage of Digital Risk Protection that ensure all the customers’ digital assets are monitored on all available sources possible, giving the customers peace of mind that their assets are under continuous observation over the open, deep and dark web.
  3. Ensuring that the relationship between Threat Intelligence and Operations is a dynamic two-way relationship, by providing the full capabilities, education and assistance to ensure customers are maturing their Threat Intelligence practices and integrating all the defensive tools and SOC tools in the process of Threat Intelligence.
  4. Unified visibility and action enablement for all security teams, from the CISO level to the TI teams to SOC to Incident Response teams, providing tools to governance and compliance also.

Threat Intelligence is a process that aims to understand and take the right actions, it matures and grows continuously, and we are there to ensure providing the best tools and knowledge for our customers in this journey.

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