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Software risk is business risk

Synopsys builds trust in software by enabling you to manage application security, quality, and compliance risks at the speed your business demands. Our next-generation application security (AppSec) solutions provide a comprehensive view of software risk wherever it resides across your portfolio, allowing you to go from reactive vulnerability response to proactive risk management and focus on what matters most to your organization.

Address software risk wherever it resides

To fully understand and mitigate your software risk, you need more than tools. By aligning people, processes, and technology in a
comprehensive AppSec program, you can address security risks across your organization and at all stages of the application life cycle.
Synopsys offers industry-leading solutions and services to help you build and optimize your AppSec program

  • Strategy and planning. Build a strong foundation for your software security program, communicate security and quality requirements across teams, and measure the results that matter.
  • Threat and risk assessments. Adopt an attacker’s perspective to identify threats against your software and systems, and measure how well your organization could withstand a real-life attack.
  • Open source audits. Assure the financial and reputational success of any M&A transaction with Black Duck® Audits, which can identify and assess open source and third-party components, licenses, and vulnerabilities.
  • Security training. Develop the skills to create and maintain secure, high-quality software across every role in your development organization, with a variety of training methods that fit your learning goals and schedule.
  • Consulting. Access hundreds of industry-leading experts to help you integrate quality and security best practices, tools, and strategies into your organization’s unique technology stack.
  • Customer success. Achieve your AppSec goals by tapping into our dedicated product experts, support teams, online resources, and global network of Synopsys customers.

Secure your software supply chain

Building software your users can trust requires you to secure everything that goes into it. Synopsys offers a comprehensive set of
application security testing (AST) tools to detect security, quality, and compliance issues in proprietary code, open source and thirdparty dependencies, application behavior, and deployment configurations.

  • Software composition analysis. Black Duck detects and manages open source and third-party component risks in development and production.
  • Static application security testing. Coverity® identifies critical quality defects and security weaknesses in your proprietary code and infrastructure-as-code early in the software development life cycle, when it’s least expensive to remediate.
  • Interactive analysis. Seeker® discovers real, exploitable vulnerabilities in web-based applications during QA and other testing cycles, with near zero false positives.
  • Dynamic analysis. Dynamic testing tools identify security vulnerabilities while web applications are running, without the need for source code.
  • Penetration testing. Flexible and scalable on-demand testing performed by security experts, tailored to meet changing requirements and evolving threats.
  • Fuzz testing. Defensics® finds security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in software and devices through flexible, scalable, automated negative testing that integrates into development workflows.
  • Binary analysis. Black Duck Binary Analysis identifies open source included in container images beyond what is explicitly declared,
    so security and quality concerns can be identified and addressed.
  • API security analysis. Synopsys API Scanner™ integrates developer-friendly dynamic application security testing for APIs into CI and
    bug-tracking tools, and minimizes the noise of false positives.

Deliver secure, high-quality code faster

Development velocity is key to business success. Your security and risk management efforts can’t jeopardize time to market or
compromise your digital transformation. You need to test software at the right time and at the right level, and then prioritize findings
for remediation.

With Synopsys, you can leverage intelligent AST orchestration and correlation to help teams maintain DevOps velocity and focus
remediation on the issues that matter most to your business.

  • Intelligent AST orchestration. Intelligent Orchestration minimizes the impact to build and release pipelines by running only the necessary security tests only when needed.
  • Risk-based vulnerability correlation. Code Dx® helps development teams address what matters most by aggregating and prioritizing test findings.
  • Optimized AST services. No more bulky, siloed AST tools; these lightweight, fast-running services can be combined as needed based on the software being tested.
  • IDE-based analysis. Static analysis and software composition analysis performed directly in the developer’s environment—complete with remediation guidance and integrated e-learning—enable code that is secure as it is written, eliminating risk and driving productivity.
  • Comprehensive DevSecOps integrations. Integrations readily incorporate software testing into DevOps toolchains, including source code management like GitHub and GitLab, binary repositories like Artifactory and Docker, workflow tools like Jira, and continuous integration like CloudBees and Jenkins.

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