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From automating zero-trust policies, understanding data-at-risk, to efficiently migrating to the cloud, Spirion is step one to developing an effective strategy to get your data under control. With Spirion, you gain clarity as to what sensitive data you have and where it is located, control over how your data is stored and used, and confidence that your data is protected.

Why Spirion?

Data Discovery

Enhancing data discovery accuracy through automated and scalable tools that scour every operating system, cloud, or network-attached storage system is vital for improving your company’s overall data security posture.

Data Classification

Intelligently classify all data with Spirion to apply appropriate data security controls to boost your security and compliance, and lower your risks.

Data Governance

After your data has been discovered and classified, enforce protection according to ever-more strict compliance regulations and your organization’s security policies.

False positives cost time, money, and productivity

Spirion Sensitive Data Platform brings a new and innovative approach to sensitive data discovery that consistently delivers an industry-leading 98.5% data discovery accuracy rate.

Lead the way with automated workflows

Create simple, highly-extensible workflow control for complex data discovery, classification and remediation processes, taking the guesswork out of data management, saving time, and increasing consistency through automation.

Unrivaled mitigation and remediation

Spirion provides privacy-grade remediation solutions that identify redundant, obsolete, or trivial data and provide the evidence needed to address it with confidence.

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