• Customer Churn Predictive analytics.

  • Demand Forecast using AI.

  • Cross & upselling recommendation.

  • Real-time Geo-Spatial streaming & analytics

  • AI-driven Chats bots with Natural Language processing

  • Customer 360 Analytics

  • Building efficient Data Lake

Spire Data provides IT consulting and professional services for end-to-end solutions in Data Management, Data Quality & Analytics for Artificial intelligence, and Big Data solutions.

Why Spire Data?

Sourcing the Data

We at Spire Data help customers to source the data, Integrate & ingestion of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources.

Quality of Data

At Spire Data we ensure Data Governance, Privacy security.


Build scalable storage & Data Management

Analytics and AI

We at Spire data help customers to have simplified analytics with modern data science and ai techniques.

Technical Resourcing & Manpower

We Supply resources like Data engineers, Data scientists, Solution Architects on a Full-Time, Part-Time, Permanent or Temporary basis.

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Simplified and Accelerated Analytics




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