• ICS and OT protection,

  • IoT security,

  • Device and asset detection across environments.

  • Micro-segmentation.

Sectrio is a division of Subex that focuses on IoT, OT, 5G, and converged network protection. Our offerings cover some of the most pressing cybersecurity requirements of businesses such as vulnerability management, operating with contextual threat intelligence, micro-segmentation, and threat management. We enable businesses to operate with the highest level of security across operations and assets through our products, platforms, and modules.

Why Sectrio?

Threat Management

Address threats, improve cybersecurity posture, and deter cyber adversaries

Vulnerability Management

Discover and manage vulnerabilities and rogue assets, address posture gaps

Threat Intelligence

Identify threats, act with precision, and disarm threats with rich and contextual threat intelligence

IoT-OT-IT Converged Security Suite

Secure converged environments and deter adversaries across networks with ease

5G Security

5G security across enterprise, connections, networks and more

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Sectrio offers a comprehensive suite of offerings including Edge Tech, Threat In...




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