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When IT is under pressure to make it all work, your next move matters. Discover all the real-time insight you need to resolve all kinds of disruptions before they happen. Correlate technical metrics with employee sentiment to understand the complete employee experience. Pre-built dashboards, event analysis and visualizations, and automated remediation help you rapidly solve technology issues and improve digital experience.

Why Nexthink?

Proactively manage and improve digital experience

Stop guessing and see what matters. Nexthink shows you where to focus with experience scoring and issue prioritization. It identifies the root causes underlying issues and shows you how to solve them step-by-step.

Find and fix IT issues faster

With a unified view of experience across devices, applications, and networks, you can rapidly zero in on the cause of any issue. The solution’s unique event-level visibility and advanced visualizations make troubleshooting dramatically easier.

Provide the right workplace technologies to every employee

See how to improve employee satisfaction with applications and devices. Increase the adoption and success of technology rollouts, from planning to pilot to deployment. You can even reduce software and hardware costs by identifying unused licenses and hardware that doesn’t need to be replaced.

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