• Cyber Quant addresses these critical questions for organizations in an efficient three week consulting engagement that leverages state-of-the-art technology and Mastercard’s hands-on experience protecting its large global network:

  • What is the financial risk of security breaches on your organization?

  • How mature are your current security controls?

  • What actions will reduce exposure?

Cyber Quant measures an organization’s cyber security risks, flags security gaps, and estimates the impact of new cyber security controls on the business within an organization’s relevant threat landscape, creating personalized results and recommendations

Why Mastercard?

Mastercard has hands-on experience protecting one of the largest global networks using the Cyber Quant framework

Cyber Quant analyzes risk taking into consideration the threat landscape specific to a client organization

Cyber Quant quantifies cyber security risks specific to an organization and calculates the potential financial impact of a breach

Cyber Quant facilitates prioritization of cyber security measures and helps inform which cyber security projects to invest in based on ROI

When Cyber Quant is conducted periodically, organizations are able to observe changes in their cyber risk posture over time



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