• 2021 Digital Innovator Award

  • 2021 Top Conversational Platform

Krista is a modern intelligent automation platform designed to easily leverage existing IT assets and SaaS apps in automated business workflows. Krista’s unique informal approach enables business process owners to quickly build new automations without waiting in line for expensive IT or development resources. Creating automation in Krista is simple. It is just like describing a conversation between your people and your apps.

Why Krista Software?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

The various data and requests your employees ask become the training input and strengthens context to and from your automations. Krista provides your teams with powerful NLU by listening to and learning from people conversing with automations.

Change in minutes vs. months

Krista automatically handles change management and automation versioning. After changes are tested and verified, updating all your users is automatic with a single click.

No-code system integration model

Krista connects to your backend systems, enabling your people to ask for, change, update, or initiate actions in systems just like asking a person.

Automates End-to-End Business Outcomes

Optimizing outcomes requires spanning departments of people & apps, deploying AI/ML for autonomous decision-making, leveraging your existing task automation, and enabling constant change.

Key to Digital Transformation

Krista reverses the ever-increasing app burden to reduce the number of steps your people must take, eliminates unnecessary steps altogether, and extracts outcomes from tribal knowledge to intelligent automation.

Strong, Secure, and Flexible

Krista is a modern platform with market-leading enterprise security, scalability, distributed workloads, and event-driven automation despite its unique speed and ease of use.

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