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Cribl lets you take control and shape your data, all of your observability data, all under control and all under budget. It’s founded by ex-Splunk engineers who solved the problem of "noise" going into SIEMs and thus drastically the size and cost of your SIEM license - typically 40% or more.

Why Cribl?

Avoid vendor lock-in

Finally – the freedom to choose the best tools for the job.
a. Complete control over all observability data
b. Flexibility to use any tool without deploying new agents
c. Simple way to future-proof your observability pipeline

Make room for interesting data

Eliminate noisy, wasted data volume and onboard higher-value data from multiple sources.
a. Reduce log and metrics data volume to control costs
b. Enrich data from third-party sources for improved context
c. Reduce the infrastructure required to maintain your analytics tools for faster performance

Reduce log volume and pay less for infrastructure

A universal router and receiver to send your data to and from the most cost-effective destinations, cutting costs on licensing and infrastructure.

Replay data from low cost storage

Keep all the data you might need someday – affordably – for as long as you need it
a. Keep more data for longer retention periods and pay a lot less
b. Replay data to any analytics tools for unexpected investigations
c. Improve the quality and speed of your analytics environment by saving older data somewhere else

Route from any source to any destination

The easiest way to get all observability data into the destinations that matter most.

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