• Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2020

  • Cyber Defense Magazine Cutting Edge Award 2020

Corelight’s Open Network Detection and Response platform delivers integrated alerts and evidence—logs, files, and PCAP. Because it’s built on open, universal standards, the platform makes integration easier with the data and technology you already use. There are no black boxes here—if you want to see how detection works, you’re welcome to examine the code.

Why Corelight?

Comprehensive evidence for definitive investigations

Our telemetry gives you an unparalleled view of your entire network, making it the cornerstone for all kinds of security operations. For example, when Tier 2s dive into an event, they'll have an incredible level of detail and historical background—going back months, even years— so they can close investigations with confidence.

Correlated data for deeper analysis

Add Corelight Network Detection and Response (NDR) to your security strategy to accelerate incident investigation and response, and improve analytics and threat hunting. Capture exactly what's needed to understand your network, then layer on detections, insights, and more.

Structured insight for faster hunting

Most data that are used for network visibility is a mess, and defenders — including hunters — must waste valuable time cleaning it up. Corelight evidence is based on Zeek.® It's highly structured and conforms to global standards, saving precious time when you're hunting adversaries.

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