• Secure the browser by protecting every end point

  • Detect, defend and isolate malicious, unknown internet activity across all applications

  • Shift online activity without affecting ongoing communications

  • Make proactive decisions about the security risk associated with internet use and automatically isolate risky transactions — seamlessly without user interruption

  • Reduce IT spend on detection, prevention and response.

Conceal enables organizations to protect users from malware and ransomware at the edge using zero trust isolation technology to defend against sophisticated cyber threats. Conceal is used by Fortune 500 and government organizations to ensure users and IT operations remain secure, anonymous, and isolated from cyber-attacks.

Why Conceal?

Data Breach Prevention

Conceal provides a capability that protects people and critical assets against the most sophisticated cyber threats in the world. Our solutions are fundamentally changing the approach to cybersecurity by providing security practitioners the opportunity to see the latest threat vectors and implement enterprise-wide solutions that comprehensively protect their organization.

Zero Trust Security

We’ve taken our core capabilities and evolved them into a commercially available product that incorporates Zero Trust isolation technology to protect Fortune 500 and government organizations from malware and ransomware.


Conceal is leading the fight to protect enterprises from cyber threats — if there is malware, we detect, defend, and isolate it from users and the network. Our products are transformative, and this technology matched with our experienced team members combine to build a resilient and fast-growing global brand. Each one of our team members reflects our company’s main goal: to protect the world from ever-growing cyber threats.

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