• Runtime protection for your APIs against Business Logic Exploits

  • Shift Left API Security with Intelligent Stateful API DAST

AppSentinels builds deep understanding of your application that current generation technologies can’t. With this deep understanding, AppSentinels knows how your application is being used, what are the success workflows and what are the malicious workflows. The deep learning models identify attackers early in the attack phase and blocks them, protecting applications from breaches, frauds and data loss.

Why AppSentinels?

AppSentinels 360° Continuous Discovery

Real Time discovery of API’s, PII/Sensitive data and various attributes of APIs to eliminate all your blind-spots and provide real-time risk posture.

AppSentinels Intelligent Stateful API Test Platform

Shift-lefts AI/ML learnings from production environment to uncover business logic vulnerabilities in your application like your 24×7 pen-tester.

AppSentinels Rapid Detection & Response

Helps SoC team with all the data needed to stop attacks with confidence; Provides deep insights to Developers to remediate security issues.

AppSentinels AI Powered Multi-Layered Defence Shield

Industry’s most comprehensive multi-layered protection to protect your APIs and applications against all unknown and known attacks.

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