Virtual CISO

Acquire the power of two solutions at the price of one!

Option 1:
Subscribe to 1 year of Private Threat Intelligence for $15,000 and get a 1-year Pro-Plan Deception subscription (includes Network, AD, and End-points Deception), a $14,500 value, at no extra cost.

Option 2:
Subscribe to 1-year Pro-Plan Deception (includes Network, AD, and End-points Deception) for $14,500 and get a 1-year subscription to Private Threat Intelligence, a $15,000 value, at no extra cost.

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    Option 1 - Private Threat IntelligenceOption 2 - Deception


    Private Threat Intelligence: 10 cloud-hosted decoy sub-domains Internet-facing decoys that heuristically engage only with targeted threats against your organization while ignoring random Internet scans.

    Pro-plan: The professional Plan is meant for medium and large enterprises with a growing security team, it provides all essential features and integrations with a fixed number of endpoints limited to 7,500.

    – Network decoys: 100 Server system decoys that host services like SSH servers, databases, file shares, and more. Use these to detect an attacker attempting to perform lateral movement.
    – Endpoint decoys: 3,251 – 7,500. Create a minefield on your endpoints using decoy files, decoy credentials, decoy processes, etc. and detect attackers attempting:

    • Data exfiltration
    • Privilege escalation attacks
    • MiTM (eg – LLMNR spoofing)
    • Defense evasion
    • Target discovery

    – Active Directory deception: Fake users are created in the real active directory that detects enumeration activity and attempts at malicious access.