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Assessment & Review

Chances are that as your IT environment develops gradually over time, problems can emerge, including performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies, and unintended information silos. Eventually, it will become difficult to determine what is and is not working from your existing solutions or know where to invest your IT security resources.

Spire Solutions can help gain an in-depth understanding of Your IT Security environment and better leverage your resources and technologies through our industry expertise.
Social Engineering & Phishing

Humans are known as the weakest link in Cyber Security Space and this is why hackers are targeting them. Many cybersecurity breaches are not a result of a technology failure/loophole, but rather exploiting human nature. Using social engineering, we test how susceptible your employees are to persuasive or deceitful manipulation through multiple ways such as social media, email (whaling) or by phone (vishing). Our campaigns are designed to review the human aspect of your environment security.

We can also advise on any training that is required to ensure your employees knows how to spot and deal with social engineering threats.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure/Network Penetration Testing takes the position of an attacker from both the internal and external perspective of your network. This identifies areas of weakness that may allow access to the internal network.

  • Internal Penetration Testing

    Will assess security as an individual who is already in the client network. The tester using the Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless network tries to escalate the privileges and gain access to sensitive company information.

  • External Penetration Testing

    Will assess security as an individual looking to access sensitive data over the internet, for example, an internet hacker. Security configurations on routers, firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) will be tested and assessed for weaknesses.

Web Application / API Penetration Testing

A pre-defined scope of a website/application(s) or API is provided, and it is tested for common web application security vulnerabilities as well as business logic vulnerabilities. Testing is typically authenticated where we are provided with valid credentials and unauthenticated where the tester performs the testing without any credentials. Testing focuses on the security of APIs that the business exposes externally along with supporting documentation.

Spire follows below the unique way of performing Web Application Penetration Testing:

  • Pay Per Vulnerability

    Pay only for the result, not for the man-days. The primary area is to find the business logic issue which a tool can’t find and providing vulnerability evidence to support the action plan

  • Pay Per Web Application

    Still like the old days, and not confident on the security of the web applications.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Security is a rapidly growing requirement with businesses becoming increasingly dependent on Mobile Applications. Both Android and iPhone applications can be reviewed for security issues beyond OWASP Mobile Top 10 that may allow an attacker to access your systems and to circumvent controls. Testing is performed in a hybrid way which increases the possibility of finding more vulnerabilities than using automated tools.

Source Code Review

A code review for existing applications or products helps to identify security vulnerabilities and to reduce the possibilities of attacks by recommending the secure code snippets. Source code is reviewed first using automated tools, then manually by a reviewer to eliminate the false positives and to identify common coding issues, backdoors, and security flaws.

Cloud Security

The cloud security assessment is typically conducted against one of the following platforms:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure

The review will look into all the security controls and misconfiguration to identify who has access to the provisioned servers, whether two-factor authentication is enabled, what security groups and rules have been defined, logging configuration and shared storage access.

A methodical security test applied to IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS; ensuring vulnerabilities are identified and resolved.

Wireless Security

WiFi network will be reviewed for the supported and allowed authentication methods and network-separation controls. This ensures non-corporate users remain detached from the corporate network and that certificate-based authentication has been robustly implemented.

Wireless Testing maps the policy against the industry best practices and find out the misconfiguration which will lead to a wireless breach.

Virtual Infrastructure Security

Attack vectors against Virtualized environments are often unknown to even the hosting providers. This opens new attack vectors for hackers to access the internal systems by using a variety of techniques to manipulate the virtual network access controls. Enumeration/Knowledge of all the virtual devices is required to scan and perform a Gap Analysis including the configuration against the industry best practices.

IoT Security

Millions of new IoT devices are being produced every year and all these devices come with their own standard and security configurations which we integrate into our organisation. All these IoT Devices has the firmware, a web interface and a network communication traffic with other systems and devices. So, it is extremely important to discover and patch security issues in IoT device firmware. Post this, evaluate the IoT ecosystem to review the configuration of security controls and apply the security best practices.

VoIP Penetration Testing

Since Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an economic alternative in communications technology with its low cost and flexibility, it is widely used in organisations. But VoIP is prone to security vulnerabilities and threats which can put internal networks through VLAN at risk. VoIP Penetration Testing assesses the risks of attacks to the VoIP based systems. We assess the VoIP infrastructure and detect the risks of internal network infrastructure attack. Our experts also evaluate the different VoIP components from a security perspective and their capacity to maintain the security and confidentiality of the environment and related traffic.

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