Ransomware attacks, text message scams and phishing emails galore. Cybercrime and cyberattacks have soared dramatically through the pandemic as people and businesses rely on the internet more than ever before. October is the known Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but why limit ourselves to a month when we need it all year round.

Spire Solutions in partnership with OutThink, have created a free Cybersecurity Awareness Kit to help you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Our aim is to empower enterprises to make their employees the first line of defence in the fight against cybercrime, with next-generation security awareness training that is relevant and effective.
The training content is available in English, Arabic and 15 other European languages. It is also available with European or Arabic (Sharia-compliant) characters.

Our kit includes interactive lessons, newsletters and posters you can share with your employees, colleagues and loved ones on:

  • Phishing and email security
  • Passwords, Multi-factor Authentication, Biometrics
  • Malware
  • Personal and Home Security

Help your employees, friends and loved ones become cyber savvy by teaching them practical digital security with the OutThink Cybersecurity Awareness Kit.

OutThink & Spire Solutions
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