Spire Solutions Partners with AppSentinels To Provide World’s Most Advanced Full-life Cycle API Security Across the Middle East and Africa Region

AppSentinels delivers the world’s most comprehensive & intelligent API Security against advanced API business logic attacks.

Dubai, UAE. March 16th, 2023 – Spire Solutions, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions in the Middle East and Africa, and AppSentinels, the leader in API Security, announced their strategic partnership at GISEC 2023. The objective of this partnership is aimed at providing the world’s most comprehensive and intelligent API Protection against the ever-evolving security and compliance risks. Spire Solutions with its combined experience and expertise will help leverage AppSentinels API Security Platform to protect customer applications against advanced API business logic attacks, data breaches, and frauds.

AppSentinels is a full life-cycle API Security platform that provides comprehensive shift-left and protect-right capabilities. It provides continuous real-time API discovery, API posture management, intelligent stateful API testing as well as advanced capabilities to protect applications against various known & unknown API attacks.

Spire Solutions’ extensive experience in cybersecurity, Digital, and Data domain will ensure full implementation and management of API solutions to meet customer objectives across the Middle East and Africa region.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with AppSentinels to introduce the world’s most comprehensive & intelligent API Security platform,” said Prasanth Prasad, Director of Technology at Spire Solutions. “Organisations across the Middle East and Africa are investing heavily in digital and data strategies and APIs are acting as key delivery agents to digital services for customers and partners.

As APIs are extensively used across cloud-native technologies, they have access to critical software functions and data. Consequently, there are chances of them becoming a primary target of cyber-attacks. This has raised an extraordinary situation around data security threats, compliance risks, and cyber-attacks.

Emphasizing further on the Partnership, Prasanth Prasad said, “We wish to support organizations to leverage the best API security solutions in the market. With Spire Solutions’ expertise in data, cybersecurity, and compliance risks management and AppSentinels AI-Powered full life-cycle API Security platform, we can help identify API threats and provide a comprehensive solution to neuter threats faced by organizations across the region”.

“APIs are the largest attack vector and impact all organizations. With our partnership with Spire Solutions’, we now bring the world’s most advanced API protection to the customers in the Middle East and Africa region”, said Puneet Tutliani, Co-Founder & CEO at AppSentinels.

Spire Solutions will extend the API protection solutions offered by AppSentinels to over 1,000 organizations across 20+ industries such as Oil and Gas, Government, BFSI, utilities, and other large enterprises operating in more than 60 countries across the Middle East and Africa region.

To learn how Spire Solutions and AppSentinels can help you leverage the power of API security, please visit


About Appsentinels
AppSentinels is the world’s most comprehensive intelligent API Security platform that helps developers build secure APIs and helps security teams protect applications against run-time business-logic API attacks. AppSentinels platform builds a deep white-box understanding of the application including various user journeys and happy paths. It uses this unique insight to:

  • Discovers all APIs in real-time including shadow/orphan, discovers PII/Sensitive data in the APIs as well as provide real-time risk score of the APIs.
  • Automatically do security testing of the application with a complete understanding of the journey/workflows. It’s like a 24×7 pen-tester integrated with the organization’s CI/CD cycle to help the organization adopt a proactive security posture.
  • Blocks known & unknown attacks as well as automated API threats to protect applications from breaches, frauds, and data loss.
  • Provides pin-pointed remediation to developers to fix API vulnerabilities and to security teams to protect applications against run-time attacks.

The platform has multiple DevOps-friendly deployment modes and form factors for easy and quick onboarding. It is deployed quickly and integrates seamlessly within existing systems to provide immediate API security and protection. To learn more, visit

About Spire Solutions
Spire Solutions is the Middle East & Africa region’s leading cybersecurity solution provider and value-added distributor (VAD). Spire Solutions is known for solving current and emerging challenges with exclusive distribution rights for some of the world’s best-known solution providers (OEMs). Driven by a strong dedication to customer success, Spire Solutions has built a reputation of being the preferred security partner to CISOs and cybersecurity leaders of several government organizations and enterprises across the region. For more information, visit our website


Media Contact – AppSentinels
Karthick Sreedaran
Marketing Director
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Media Contact – Spire Solutions
Kenneth D’Souza
Marketing Manager
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