White paper examines the trends and technologies contributing to the cyber skills shortage

Endgame, the leader in endpoint protection, in collaboration with SANS Institute today released a special report for security leaders entitled “Better Security Using the People You Have,” describing how organizations can optimize technology and processes to support their existing workforce.

According to recent surveys by independent analyst firm ESG, 53 percent of organizations report a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills and 74 percent of cybersecurity workers say that the cybersecurity skills shortage has impacted their organizations. This report re-examines the common assumption that an increase in security staff leads to better security outcomes, outlining key ways an organization can optimize its existing resources to find solutions to shield against the staffing shortfall.

SANS Institute Instructor and Analyst Matt Bromiley, author of the new report, noted, “While staffing shortages often take the blame for security failures, we believe that many companies can use three tactics to make the most of what they have. Empowering your teams, identifying efficiencies and increasing visibility into your environment can be very effective in maximizing security efficacy.”

“For all the talk of machine learning, AI, automation and so on, the fact remains that many security teams still take an execution, or file-based approach to their security programs. By moving toward an adversary-based approach aligned with MITRE ATT&CK, security leaders can begin to look holistically at their organization’s risk profile and choose tools and processes that enable them to work smarter, and make faster, accurate, and confident decisions,” said Ian McShane, Vice President of Product Marketing at Endgame.

Bromiley and McShane will discuss the report’s findings and explore the role of people, process, and technology in preparing for future security threats during an exclusive SANS webcast on August 14 at 1:00pm ET. To register for the live webcast, or download an archived copy, visit

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