Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) is Nemesysco’s core technology adapted to meet the needs of various professional users, ranging from formal police investigations to security clearances, from vetting and recruitment needs to personality tests, and from call center’s quality monitoring to intelligence gathering and lawful interception multi-channel analysis.

In its security uses, LVA technology enables better understanding of your subject’s mental state and emotional reaction at a given moment by detecting the hidden emotional cues in his or her speech. The technology identifies various types of stress levels, cognitive processes, and emotional reactions that are reflected in different subtle properties of the voice.

This information provides insights into the way your subject thinks, what troubles him, what excites him, what portions of his speech he is uncertain about, what questions require more of his attention, and what areas appear to be sensitive issues for the speaker.

LVA uses a unique mathematical process to detect different types of patterns and anomalies in the speech flow and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, confusion and other relevant emotional states, found through our 19 years of research to be highly correlated with these emotions.

From career choices to personal relationships, from science to art, from infancy to maturity – Understanding human emotions and motivations has always been a key challenge in almost every aspect of our lives. Undoubtedly, the better understanding of human emotions one has, the better he can react and interact.

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