About the session:

The goal of the workshop is to help participants understand the importance of a proactive and collaborative approach to cybersecurity. By experiencing a simulated cyber-attack and working together to defend against it, participants can gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals and the importance of implementing effective security measures.

About the speaker

Len Noe is a Technical Evangelist, White Hat Hacker, and BioHacker for CyberArk Software. Noe is an international security speaker who has presented in over 50 countries and at multiple major security conferences worldwide including presenting at the World Conference at the Hague. Len is a global thought leader in the Transhuman/Human+ movement and utilizes microchip implants to advance cyber security and the human experience. Len has had his research published in multiple news outlets globally and is a regular participant in numerous security podcasts. Prior to 2001 Noe was a Black/Grey Hat Hacker and learned most of his skills by practical application.

Noe has spent 29 years working in the areas of web development, system engineering/administration, architecture, and coding; for the past nine years, he has focused on information security from an attacker’s perspective. He also actively participates in the activities of the information security communities in Texas, the Autism Society, and many others.



Hack Attack with CyberArk

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