Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is not an out-of-the-box solution that just works its magic. There is neither a silver-bullet for CTI nor a one-size-fits-all approach to it. CTI must be customized and tailored to an organization’s needs so it can be ‘Relevant’ and ‘Actionable’.

Despite massive and ongoing investments in CTI professionals, solutions and services, CISOs and their teams struggle to address everyday challenges and continue seeking answers to fundamental questions such as:

Where to acquire the right Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) from and make the most of it for our Operations?
What do we know about attacks and how to protect ourselves from something we do not know?
Who can help us with real time threat intelligence specific to our organization and not just generic feeds?
How to find a balance between hiring resources vs investing in more tools and technologies?
Why is it so difficult to bring people, processes, and technologies in one place?

Our ‘Tailored Intel-Ops’ CISOs BOARDROOM will address the above issues and present a practical approach to tailor CTI, transform security operations, and enhance your organization’s overall security posture.


  • Build a scalable CTI program that covers basic and advance needs, collects dynamic intelligence from deep, dark and open web, focuses on both internal and external environment, and matures over time.
  • Leverage deception and private threat intelligence to uncover security blind spots, see who is already lurking in your environment, lure bad players to decoys and perform hacker behavior analytics real-time.
  • Devise a comprehensive SOAR which centralizes actionable intelligence, establishes process consistency, scales operations, enables faster response, reduces false positives, and measures your effectiveness all in one place.
  • Enable true collaboration across SOC, IR, TI, CISO, Risk, Compliance and more for unified visibility and governance.

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